spence 2

My little brother has been serving an LDS mission for ONE YEAR!  And that means….he will be home in ONE YEAR!

Last year at this time, if you had told any of us that two years would fly by, we probably wouldn’t believe you. In fact, until today, I still had photos on my computer from the day we dropped him off that I had yet to sort through. It was a little too bittersweet and I couldn’t do it last year. Today as I went through them, all I could think about was how fast this year has gone and how excited we are to see him next year. NEXT YEAR!

Having a missionary has blessed our family in so many ways. I love reading his weekly emails and he always sends uplifting thoughts and scriptures. He’s loving Canada and all the people he is serving. So proud of you little brother. See you soon!


“You never know how great of an impact you will have on someone. Find something you can do every day to help someone else and you will be happy.”

-words of wisdom from Elder Call