Mother’s Day Weekend was an exciting weekend for us. We happily skipped out of town and said goodbye to the cold weather (c’mon May!) and spent the weekend in the St. George sunshine! Not only did my mom & I get spoiled (crepes for breakfast! steak for dinner! flowers! cards! and more!) we got to talk to my missionary brother! Lets face it, I think that's what we were all most excited for. Since we only get to talk/Skype with him on Christmas and Mothers Day, it’s extra special when we do!


Ellie was a little fussy and sick all day, but we still managed to get some smiles out of her.


On Saturday, Erin came up with a brilliant Mother’s Day idea. Growing up, my mom requested that all our Mother’s Day Gifts be handmade. Continuing the tradition, we decided to recreate some of our family photos. We could hardly keep a straight face while taking the pictures and my mom got a kick out of it! We can’t wait to do some more when Spencer gets back from his mission.


(You can see more of our recreated photos at the bottom of the post!)


We had to wait till 4 to Skype with Spencer, we were all dying! We managed to get a few crooked photos of all of us. So fun to see his face! (And can you believe that last year around this time we had a little farewell gathering and Ellie was so little!) Also, Ellie totally has the “crazy picture” pose down now. ;)


Such a fun weekend to remember. (B and I even snuck away for a quick date and the first snow cone of the season!) What could be better than celebrating mothers and motherhood AND talking to our favorite missionary!?




And now, for a few more recreated photos. We were dying!

IMG_6769IMG_6786IMG_6787  IMG_6790IMG_6770_1