Last month, the talented Kirsten Weimer flew in from California and I knew I had to hire her to take our family photos! I’ve followed Kirsten’s blog for awhile now and adore her style. Ellie was a little stinker throughout the whole session, but Kirsten still managed to capture so many beautiful photos! (That’s pure talent, if you can get good photos of E while she’s in a bad mood!) Ellie also LOVED Kirsten, to the point that she was calling her “mama, mama!” and begging for Kirsten to hold her! Ha. It was awesome.

If you are in the San Francisco or Bay Area, be sure to check out Kirsten’s work. You can also stay up to date on her facebook page or instagram for the next time she’s in Utah. (Come back soon!) It may not look like it, but I did narrow down the photos so this post wouldn’t be miles long. I just couldn’t help myself. :) Thanks Kirsten, you’re a gem!

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