When I was little (long before Pinterest!) we used to make potato stamp wrapping paper for almost every occasion. Not only is it easy, it probably kept us entertained for awhile. ;) In fact, I believe I even have pictures in my scrapbook somewhere! Maybe I’ll pull them out and share them sometime. Anyway, last week, I found a few potatoes in my pantry that were starting to sprout, so instead of throwing them out, I decided to put them to good use! Cute custom wrapping paper in the matter of minutes? I’ll take it!

DIY Wrapping Paper

Supplies needed for DIY Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper:

Roll of white craft paper

Potato, halved

Kitchen Knife

Acrylic Paint


DIY Potato Stamp

I started by cutting my potato in half, then with a kitchen knife, cut a simple triangle. (See, I told you this was going to be easy!)

DIY Potato Stamp

After I dumped some acrylic paint onto a paper plate, I proceeded to dip my potato into the paint. It didn’t come out very even, so I just used a paint brush to smooth it on.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Now its time to stamp! The first few times I didn’t press hard enough. After a few tries, I learned to hold it for a few seconds and press each corner down. I wanted it to have that “stamped” look, so I used the potato 2-3 times before dipping it back into the paint.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Voila! A few minutes later I had some custom wrapping paper. I’m thinking I’m going to try some teepees on my next batch. What do you think? :)

DIY Potato StampDIY Potato Stamp