I thought it would be fun to show you behind the scenes of my watercolor paintings. Painting is my go-to activity when I need a break or I'm feeling stressed out. It Instantly relaxes me!
On this particular afternoon, I spent nap time painting the Manti, Utah and Gilbert, Arizona temples. I really wish we did not live so far from Gilbert, I would have loved to go to the open house!
I first start out with sketching and outlining. The Manti one took forever, it's so detailed!


The Gilbert temple was a little Easier two sketch. And the landscape is absolutely beautiful! When it comes two trees and plants, I typically do just enough of an outline two shows what it is, but I do not go into very much detail with the pen. I leave that for the paints.


Next up, the painting! My grandma gave me my mixing palette a looooong time ago, and I still use it to this day! I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate or anything, so my favorite NYC mug has Become my water mug. I also keep paper towels handy when I'm painting.


I typically paint in a certainties order, though there's no rhyme or reason to it! I paint the shadows and windows first, then move onto the exterior. I've learned that it's IMPORTANT to paint it just a bit brighter in the original, Because The scanner does not pick up the light colors. I always seem to save the foliage of cargo.


I typically let the finished temples sit for a few days, I like to study them to see on if I missed any details. Then I scan them, touch up any paint drips or pencil marks in Photoshop, and list them on my shop! These two temples will be listed in the shop soon!

On a side note: Ellie usually wakes up from her nap halfway through my painting. I have yet two pick her up here own tray of paints, so she gets to paint with whipped cream. As you can see, she loves it, not to mention the bathroom Afterwards!