….err month…. has looked a lot like this:


^^ lots of reading, lots of coughing, sniffles, and fevers, and a lot of trying to get better. we’re off to the doctor’s again today. ^^


^^ lots of time in bed. sleeping and pretending to sleep ;) ^^


^^ lots of playing with dolls, dogs, and wishing we were outside playing with the neighbors ^^


^^ tiny little hands got ahold of a black marker while mom was so so sick in bed. ^^


^^ climbing ^^


^^ then falling. ^^


^^ And lots and lots of shows. Pretty sure we’ve watched more tv this month than we did all last year combined. Whatever. We’re sick and if Mickey Mouse keeps away the tears, we will watch it again and again. ^^


Moral of the story: we’re so sick of being sick. and tired of being so boring! ;)

Huge thank you to Halie & Jason for bringing us the most delicious pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade breadsticks, and sweet tooth fairy cupcakes. (I even ate the soup for breakfast one morning, so so good!) Such a tender mercy to have such thoughtful friends!