^^ welcome spring! ^^


^^ park days with ellie. we found a new park down the street that has a big kid playground. this brave little girl insists on going down the big kids slides all by herself. ^^


^^ papa bear pancakes, mama bear pancakes, and not pictured baby bear pancakes. just the way we like them ^^


^^ speaking of being a big kid, she loves to sit at the dinner table with us. forget the highchair, the booster seat, just give her a chair and a real fork please ^^


^^ we cover the dining room table in butcher paper every week and Ellie and I spend hours drawing. ^^


^^ mommy daughter date for some sugar cookies. I’m serious when I say we found a cookie ten times better than Swig’s Sugar Cookie. Don’t believe me? Try Dippedee in American Fork. MMMMM! ^^


^^ Little strawberry baskets to organize all our art supplies in the kitchen ^^


^^ Daddy let her play with Lucky Charms and it turned into this. ;) We still have crumbs in the cracks of our floor. Ha. It made my heart happy when she started drawing in all the crumbs. Future artist? ;) ^^


^^ And a big cheeser smile. This girl just learned how to say “happy happy happy!” and it makes me even happier to hear it ^^