This is one of my most favorite rooms in all the house! It’s big and bright and open and lets face it, Ellie and I spent most of our time here this winter!

before after

Sadly, this room was one of the cleanest in comparison to the rest of the house. The carpets were a little a lot disgusting to rip out and take to the dumpster. It makes me glad that we didn’t replace it with carpet, I can only imagine the types of things Ellie would get in the carpet!


I spent an afternoon painting and we started on the floors. By we, I mean Brian. And my Dad, he helped too.


And then we moved some furniture in!


After Ellie’s birthday and Christmas, we had a few more toys than before, so we did a little rearranging. (Also, Ellie learned how to climb up on my desk…and play with permanent markers…so we had to turn that around)

The very child friendly, feel free to make a mess, playroom!


There’s a really long/really short crawl space/closet. That’s where we hide all the bigger toys. Its quite handy. The slide has been around since my very first birthday! My parents kept it around and gifted it to Ellie for her first birthday. It has provided hours of entertainment.


My mom found the kitchen set (and food!) at a yard sale while we were in St. George for a killer deal. We immediately picked it up, Ellie was only 6 months old! We gave it to her for Christmas. It took her a little while, but she now plays and stirs and bakes and washes her hands. So cute.


Bless you ikea and your genius ideas.


I have my desk in the corner. While I try to do most of my work while Ellie is sleeping, it’s nice to have my computer and desk in the playroom when I have to send a quick email or check something. Plus, this room has great light! It’s my favorite space to work in.


Calendars, calendars everywhere!


The ikea shelving unit works great for organizing all the smaller toys, legos, dvds, and hiding all the other junk. I painted a few of the baskets with stripes, I can never have enough patterns ;) Our rug is from Costco and suuuuuper comfy.


Best part about this ottoman? It doubles as storage space, and the perfect hide and go seek spot!


And there you have it, the playroom tour. Don’t be fooled, it’s never this clean  ;) We were sick the whole week that these pictures were taken and didn’t get to play much. We’ll be back to stepping on toys and blocks soon.


Have a happy weekend! xoxo