I married a golfer.


And since then I’ve learned that a driving range is not a place to drive cars (ha), and even learned how to swing a club! Ok, ok, I’m still a beginner, but I can now whack the ball to the second flag. That’s improvement! While in St. George we snuck away for a quick date to hit a bucket of balls.I have since learned that golf is a rather frustrating sport but man when you get it good hit, it feels great!


I actually got a good hit (that Brian captured fabulously!) and I let out a big YEAH! I was then reminded that we were at a golf course. Cheering loudly isn’t encouraged ;)


I made Brian take this picture and was told “uh, that’s not really what we do in golf.” Ha.


For now, I’ll leave the real golf playing to him. (I mean, can you imagine me on a course? That would be a sight to see. ;)


^^ Love that golfer man. XO ^^