Hello people of the internet, it’s Ellie here! Yes, I have once again taken over my mom’s computer. Hasn’t she told you how much I love that thing? I’m really good at pounding away on the keys, I can even use the mouse! I just can’t figure out why the touch screen won’t work, hmmm.

Anyway, I’m here to show you what my every day life is like in this household of adults. Scratch that, here’s just twenty minutes of entertaining adventures. (And if you think 20 minutes is entertaining, you should see what the rest of the day is like! ;)


First things first, I’ve got to figure out this toy. And standing around all day isn’t going to fix the problem. Nope, I’ve got to climb it.


Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m quite the artist? Mom loved my masterpiece so much she hung it by her desk. But she didn’t look too happy when I showed her my hands, and my mouth, and my tongue, and my shirt. I’m an aspiring artist mom, artists make messes!


Plus, isn’t blue the new lipstick color of the season? Well, it should be.


Oooooh, music! Mom giggles as I dance and sway to the music. She’s taught me some embarrassing dance moves, guys. I hope I don’t have her dancing genes. Also, could we please pause for a moment to check out these boots? They go with everything, and I mean everything (including nothing but a diaper!) I never take them off. They’re my favorite accessory right now. (Thanks Aunt Lara!)


“Cheeeeeeeeeeese” this one always has mom and dad rolling in laughter. It makes up for what I’m scheming next…


…Another climbing adventure! Eh, the ottoman got boring so I moved on… mommy’s laptop! My favorite!


Sometimes I practice saying my prayers. Let’s pray I don’t get into too for what I’m much trouble about to do next.


‘Sup mom. I found your desk. Muahaha.


Uh-oh, dad’s moving in pretty fast. Gotta make it speedy!


And we made it! Now if only I can grab the scissors and glue stick before he catches me…


…Oh dang, caught red blue handed. We can at least give mom a heart attack in the time being.




Whew, all of that climbing has made me thirsty. Dad. Yeah you. Pass the water please. gulp, gulp, gulp. Ahhhh.


Annnnnnd, there you have it. 20 minutes of my every day life. Who knew you could have such grand adventures in such a short amount of time. (Mommy didn’t, that’s for sure. Can’t wait for her to see what I’ve got planned for tomorrow!)

Until next time folks. Bu-bye!