You are all in for a treat today! Kiri, owner and founder of the amazing online shop, Jacob’s Scarves, is here guest posting. Not only is Kiri a talented businesswoman, she’s also one of the most compassionate souls I’ve ever met. She inspires me daily! Can’t get enough? Read her personal blog here.



Hey there! My name is Kiri! I'm so happy to here on Alexa's happy blog, to share who I am and what I do! Three fun things about me? I married my soul mate just last May. I love blueberries. and I own an online scarf shop!


My scarf shop is called Jacob's Scarves. We sell scarves to help underprivileged children get to school. Education is so so important to a life, and I want to be sure that every child gets that opportunity! It's a big, bold, beautiful dream, but so worth the adventure! :) 


Jacob is the first little boy we will be helping send to school. I met him when I lived in China teaching English. He is so darn cute, and always so happy! I can't wait to see what kind of doors will open up for Jacob! 


This definitely isn't a one woman job though! But no worries, I made your part easy. ;) Just head on over to our website, and purchase the scarf that you LOVE! And always remember to smile big when you wear that scarf, because it's more then your new favourite accessory - it's a choice you made to help change a child's life. Wear your heart on your scarf, my new friends :) 


Also, simply because I adore Alexa and sweet Ellie, (and her readers!) I've created a discount code! Yay! Just type in "alexascarf" to get 20% off of your entire order! 

Now if that isn't something to be happy about, I don't know what is! ;) 


If you want to find out ways to get even more involved, I'd love to hear from you! Email me at kiriberdan@gmail - and we'll work on something powerful!