This week I was thinking a lot about God, or as we refer to Him, Heavenly Father. As a parent, I see a different perspective on my relationship with my Father in Heaven than I did before. I shared this with my missionary brother this week in my email. “When Ellie gets hurt or is scared, I always run to comfort her. I want nothing more than to calm her fears and help her feel better. Heavenly Father is the same way. He wants to comfort us, He wants to calm us. He knows us so he knows what we need. He is our heavenly parent. Sometimes Ellie is stubborn and pushes me away. I know that if she will let me, I can calm her, but she can be so stubborn! She wants to cry it out on her own, be independent. I think we are the same way sometimes. If we don't pray and open our hearts to Heavenly Father's love, we won't feel it. And we need His peace and comfort so badly! We can be stubborn too! He is always watching out for us and is never far away. We just need to let Him in.”


Happy Sunday! XO