I knew from the day this girl was born she was full of spunk. Little did I know just how spunky she would be!

Sixteen months is such an adventurous stage. And, an independent stage! This little lady refuses to act her age, she just wants to be a big kid! She refuses to sit in her highchair, re-fus-es. She prefers to sit at the table with us, like a big girl. She helps put her clothes on, washes her hands, and wants to do everything herself.

She finally has a tooth! One tooth sticking up on the bottom. I call her my little jack-o-latern.

Her vocabulary is slowly expanding, though she would much rather be exploring than talking. She jabbers the most to Uncle Zac. She frequently says no no no, dada, duuuu (dog), ,shoe, fish uh oh, whooooa, meow, shhhhh, whatsthat (or something that sounds very simliar, ha!), da duy (bubye), heeeey, hi, and occasionally thank you. Her favorite word: “WOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Seriously makes me laugh every time she says it and she says it often.

Ellie loves to play in the dirt, in the snow, in the water, basically anything messy! She looooooves to help us bake and cook, she seems to eat her food better if she helps us make it. She’s pro at throwing fits (head thrown back, legs kicking, screaming, the whole nine yards) and also pro at making us laugh. To make up for the fit throwing, she melts our heart with her hugs. She wraps her little arms around our neck and says “ooooooh.”  She also has figured out how to climb on everything – the dining room chairs and table, the stools and counter, the bathtub, my desk and chair, everything. Everything!

Our sweet Ellie has an adventurer. She’s has a tender heart, a spunky soul, and a spitfire personality. We love the enthusiasm and spunk she brings into our lives.