I’m not quite finished with this room yet, but I figured it times to show you some of the progress we’ve made on our house. When we moved into our house in July, we called this room the “red room.” One look at the carpet and you’ll see why.

before and after

The carpet was absolutely hideous. And dirty. And have I mentioned RED? Everything in that room, including the smelly curtains, needed to go!


When we ripped up the carpet we actually found the words “red” on the floor underneath. Please tell me, who planned to have red carpet in this room?!? After we painted, it became the sawing room for awhile while we finished the flooring upstairs.


We installed an ikea light and for the first few days, it freaked her out. Haha. I love when we turn it on at night, it casts flower shadows on the wall, so cool!


Most of the items in her room we already owned. We got her rocking chair for free and I’ve had the quilt since high school (from Pottery Barn Teen). My parents kindly gifted us her bed (thank you, thank you!) and we really like having a trundle bed for Ellie. We don’t have to worry about her rolling off the bed onto the hardwood floors. She can easily climb up and down.


You can read more about her free dresser back here. Please don’t look in any of the drawers, none of them are organized. I blame some of that on a little toddler who loves to play dress up…and take everything out of the drawers. I designed the “Born on your feet running” print specifically for Ellie. She’s a little spitfire and this quote describes her perfectly!


I painted the little baby fingers painting way back in 2008! I’ve been waiting to find the perfect frame for it. So glad I now have a place to hang it, it’s been sitting in storage for a long time.


Still looking for a few frames and pieces to add to the gallery wall. Hello print here. Dream bigger, little one print here. The “E” letter is actually a cardboard letter from Joann’s that I painted a distressed to give it a grungy, metal look.


The Eiffel Tower was a lucky (and cheap!) find from Ross. Salt Lake Temple print here. After reading this talk, I’m a big believer in having a picture of the temple in every room.


My little sister screen-printed and sewed these darling dolls for Ellie for Christmas. So talented. We love them!


And, last but not least, Ellie’s favorite part of the room, the dog. If you know Ellie, you know she loooooves animals, especially dogs. She found this picture in a magazine and carried it around with her all evening. I finally cut it out and taped it to her wall so she would go to bed. If you ever ask “Ellie, where’s the doggie?” she’ll run into her room and point to the dog.


We’re still on the hunt for some curtains (preferably some light blocking ones!) but overall we’re happy with the results! No more red room!! Next up, the playroom and living room (and the green room. Yes, there was a green room too! ;)