The week of Christmas break Brian found out that he would be traveling to Orlando for a business trip. I’m pretty sure I leaped with joy when he suggested the idea of extending the trip a few days, bringing us along and making it a vacation. We ended up staying for SIX days and loved every minute of it. In fact, we are currently trying to scheme up ways to move down there. One day, one day. :)

One of our favorite days was spent at the beach. Oh Florida beaches, how I love you! The water was crystal clear and it was 75 degrees and sunny in the MIDDLE OF JANUARY. Pure heaven, I tell you. We went to Cocoa Beach (very family friendly compared to other Florida beaches I’ve heard about, haha) Of course, we packed everyone’s swimsuits EXCEPT for Ellie’s. Thankfully it was warm and she’s young enough to run around in nothing but a diaper.


^^ Pure look of terror when the water first touched her. No worries, Brian scooped her up .1 seconds after this happened ^^


^^ Pretty sure we are still finding sand in her hair. ^^


^^ Ellie started to get a little more brave and would walk out in the water till she was chest deep! ^^


^^ Always pointing at the birds, always. ^^


^^ A nice gentleman offered to take a few photos for us. He posed us, had us walk in the water with Ellie, and snapped quite a few awesome photos, it was great! Some of the nicest people I have ever met were on this trip in Florida. I’m fairly convinced that EVERYONE is that nice in Florida ;)

More photos coming at you. Like Ellie meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time – dream come true for that little one!!