we got a tree! ellie has been walking around all day saying “tree, tree, tree” and trying to get us to unwrap candy canes for her. we went with a smaller tree this year since we won’t be here on Christmas Day. It was actually really nice only having to string two strands of lights and using only our favorite ornaments (though we do need to get some more kid proof ones! target here we come ;)

I put together a little video of our evening – tears, smiles, mess and all ;) There’s also a freebie at the end of this post. I love this time of year!

12 days
If only you knew how much I love wrapping presents! I have had some of our gifts wrapped since the beginning of November! Ha! Here’s a few gift tags to brighten any gift. (And we have the tradition of watching “While you were Sleeping” while wrapping gifts. Every year, without fail!) Enjoy!

Christmas gift tags copydownload pink