I’m a bazillion blog posts behind, but I haven’t forgotten about you dear friends! I’m attempting to finalize holiday orders, ace my finals (wish me luck at 7am tomorrow morning! Finals on a Saturday, what was I thinking?! :), get ready for Christmas, and take care of my sweet family. Ahh! Love this crazy life.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a few photos of Ellie (it’s not a blog post without a picture of Miss E!), obviously taken pre-snow, and another 12 days of Christmas freebie :) Happy weekending! IMG_2808IMG_2817IMG_2820

we’re in the full on climbing stage. it has resulted in many bumps and bruises and standing on the table.


p.s. I almost spelled happy “happey” it’s late. I need sleep. Tomorrow I’ll work on spelling correctly. GOOD NIGHT!

p.s.s. Speaking of tomorrow, it is the LAST DAY for the Wonderland Boutique. Hello amazing Christmas gifts. Hurry down there before they’re all gone!

p.s.s.s also, if you want to win a $25 Alexa Z Design gift card, you have ONE DAY left to enter. Plus, you need to check out sweet Shelby’s blog. I just love her and her photos are ahhhhh-mazing.

p.s.s.s.s. now really, goodnight!

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