15 months! This little girl is still full of spunk. She gives Brian kisses in the morning, peels my eyes open when I don’t want to wake up, marches around on our hardwood floors, and does all the actions to “popcorn popping.” We love all the cute new things she’s picked up at this stage. Her favorite word to say is "shoe,” and if she finds a shoe of any size, she will try it on. (She must have inherited that obsession from her mama!)

She loves: books, animals, books about animals, coloring, play dough, climbing up and down on her trundle bed, black beans, cheese sticks, sesame street, singing, taking baths, squatting, running, throwing fits when she doesn’t get her way, climbing on chairs, stools, pretty much anything she can find, navigating through photos on my camera, playing with our phones, and nursing. Oh she loves to nurse. I thought I would try to wean her around her first birthday, but this girl let it be known that she was not ready. Ha, she is strong willed and I like it! :)

She dislikes: sleeping through the night (I’m hoping after she stops nursing that will change!), getting her diaper changed, going down for a nap, cold weather (aka not being able to go to the park), the word “no,” showers, strangers, Santa, and sitting in the shopping cart.


We love our little Ellie goose!