-It’s Wednesday and I am ever so grateful! It’s been a long week – I guess we can attribute that to being sick, blah! We’ve got the sniffles, the aches, and we’ve watched far too many episodes of Sesame Street. ;)

-We bought some Halloween fruit snacks to give out for Halloween. I forgot how good fruit snacks are! Needless to say, they’re half gone. Oops. ;)

-Erin taught Ellie how to paint and got THE cutest photos ever. Check them out here. I think we have a little artist on our hands!

-There’s a fun little Alexa Z Design giveaway going on over at the Wonderland Boutique! Enter for your chance to win an 8x10 print of your choice! Also, I’m so excited to announce that I will be at the Wonderland Boutique on November 8-9th selling my prints. Come say hi!

-I had a good week or so where I made dinner most nights, but now I’m back to lacking motivation. (hence Mexican food most nights – so easy!) If you have any good recipes, send them my way please! (My husband will be ever so grateful!)

-Speaking of dinner, we had waffles last night…in my Cinderella waffle maker. Still the best purchase ever. :)


Happy middle of the week, friends!