It’s Monday, it’s Monday, and it’s a good day! We had a beautiful, busy weekend (lots of photos to come!) and now we’re back to business. And by business I mean organizing the laundry room, avoiding homework, eating goldfish with Ellie, and oh yes, not showering. ;)


Little Miss Ellie was chalk full of spunk and personality this weekend. She’s been awfully giggly these days, especially when I am telling her “no, no.” Her laugh is so cute that I couldn’t even attempt a serious face, I started laughing with her! Oh dear, she already knows how to get what she wants!

IMG_0498 IMG_0506

E hates wearing headbands these days, sad day. It was bound to happen sometime, right? Now, her hair is so fluffy and crazy that we opt for a little ponytail most days. That’s about the only thing she’ll keep in her hair. I’ve recently started putting bows in her hair too, and LO AND BEHOLD, she keeps them in! Hallelujah! Some of our favorites right now are our Little London Lou bows. They clip right into her hair and stay all day long. Not to mention, they’re made out of the cutest. fabric. ever. Lindee is offering all He & I readers an extra 15% off their purchase from now until Thursday. Just use the code: ELLIE15. (Shh, don’t tell Ellie but I steal these all the time for my hair! The cuteness totally distracts from my greasy hair, or so I tell myself ;)