We had so much fun celebrating Miss Ellie’s birthday! She was such a happy camper that day and we just couldn’t get over that she was ONE! (we survived a year of parenthood! ;) She was so cute and happy, despite the fact that she refused to take a nap. But hey, it was her birthday! So we let her party hard.

It’s tradition in my family to have the “birthday chair” decorated, so we did just that! (Ok, ok, we decorated behind her chair since those sneaky little hands would have pulled off anything on her high chair!) I made the crown out of a sheet of gold glittery foam. (No pattern, just cut and hot glued.)


We gave this girl a good dose of sugar on her birthday morning. We started the day off right with cinnamon rolls and strawberries. Mmmmm! I hung a few photo banners around with black and white photos of her first year of life. So fun to look at how tiny she once was! Her presents were wrapped in pink and white wrapping paper with gold ribbon, all from the dollar store. ;)


I didn’t want to stress myself out on the day of her birthday, I really wanted to enjoy it! So for the party food, I went back to the basics. Super simple! We served cupcakes and ice cream. My original plan was to have some toppings for the ice cream but by the time the party came around, I totally spaced it. And it was perfect! No stress, simple, and easy.

I served the ice cream in little cups and taped the spoon to each. The cupcake liners are from the Martha Stewart party line at Joanns (on sale! yippee!) and the glittery hearts were cut out of a sheet of gold foam.


I tried to keep the decorations to a minimum, just a few banners and balloons. Can you tell that I was determined to not stress at all? Made all the difference! Ellie loved the balloons, but I think she enjoyed having her grandparents and aunts and uncle here for the day even more! She was spoiled with attention and she loved every second of it!


I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with Ellie’s cake when I started, but I love how it ended up! I used half the vanilla cake batter and half the chocolate to make two mini cakes. Then I stacked them together and swirled little rosettes on top. Super easy!!


We had a little party that night with a few of our friends and family. Ellie loved each of her presents, she was in awe! Brian and I had picked up a singing Mickey Mouse for her a few months back and she carried it around with her everywhere that night! I think it’s safe to say she’s obsessed with Mickey Mouse. (Does this mean we can go to Disneyland? Please! ;)


Our typically messy, adventurous eater had ZERO interest in her cake. She had a few licks of frosting and that was it. We tried to shove her hand in there but she could care less. Instead she downed an entire cup of ice cream and LOVED it! (And managed to use the spoon correctly!)


It was the perfect day celebrating our favorite one year old! Happy happy birthday Miss E!!