From the range of facial expressions in these photos, you can see that this girl has some SPUNK and PERSONALITY! ;) Boy, does she keep us laughing. At 12 months:

Miss Ellie is happy and healthy. She has been much more pleasant during car rides since she now has a big girl cars eat. She loves it. LOOOOOVES it!

She officially prefers walking over crawling and all the practicing has been paying off. She’s getting faster!

She loves to point and talk all day long. She says “go,” “dog,” “uh-oh,” and “hi” along with a bazillion other things we don’t understand ;)

She is quite giggly, loves eating blueberries, bananas, and strawberries for breakfast, and hates getting her diaper changed. She loves Sesame Street, taking baths, putting on shoes, and playing with the box of q-tips.

When she’s feeling silly or frustrated, she'll clench her fists together until her muscles shake. It’s hilarious!

When she’s done in her highchair she’ll dump all her food on the floor. If we still don’t get her out and she gets bored, she’ll stick her finger down her throat and gag herself. Yeah, we’re working on that.

Loves dogs. Dogs in the neighborhood, dogs in her books, dogs on tv, you name it, she’ll point them out. Then she’ll open her mouth and pant like a dog. Absolutely hysterical.

Likes to help push the shopping cart at the store. The other day I stopped to look at something and she took off down the aisle. I ended up running/sprinting to catch up to her. It was quite the comical event in Target. Ha!

Still no teeth! But we love that big gummy smile!


Happy 12 months Ellie! You light up our life!