I know, I know, I have about a million photos of our beach trip. I narrowed it down big time, I swear! ;) The last few days in Cali were gray and cloudy (boo!)….until the last day (of course!) The sun finally made it’s grand appearance! We had planned on leaving earlier to drive home, but with the sunshine out? We stayed all day (and finally pulled into my parents house at 2 am! ;) I’m pretty sure I wore my lovely headband every single day we were at the beach (perfect for holding back wavy beach hair!) And yes, my mom and I have twinner swimsuits. Guess that’s what happens when you shop the same sales at Christmas time, right? ;) So happy for family time, cousin time, and glorious beach time! California, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we sure love you!


P.S. Half of these photos were taken by my talented sista! She just purchased herself a fancy smancy camera, and dang she is good! ;)