Every few years we get together with my mom’s fam for a weekend at Manhattan Beach, California. It’s probably our favorite vacation of the summer. We all have the ocean running through our blood, it’s in our genes. ;) We drove down to St. George and hopped in my parents car to California. I braced myself for a long six hour road trip, but it wasn’t that bad. Minus a few fussy moments, Ellie was a dream baby. It probably helped that she got to eat an ice cream cone and had endless entertainment from her aunts, uncle, and gramma in the backseat! We drove straight to the beach. (Changing into your swimsuit in the backseat requires quite talent, I tell ya!) Ellie LOOOOOVED the beach. More specifically, she loved the sand and she loved the birds. She could have spent the whole day chasing after birds (and she did!) It was magical watching Ellie discover so many new things. And man alive, it felt good to breathe in some fresh, salty air!