Ellie 10 Months Old-3

Our sweet little Ellie goose is already 10 months old. How can that possibly be?! I avoid the topic of ONE YEARS OLD because, let’s face it, I’m just too darn emotional! ;)

Ellie is a girl on a mission! She has perfected her one knee, one leg up crawl and anytime the front door opens, BAM, she’s over there trying to escape. She acts like she’s been locked inside her whole life. (I swear we get out of the house!!) She loves to walk. She’ll walk as long as she has something to keep her balance, the ottoman, the couches, the wall. She’s pretty good at walking only holding one of our hands. She’s taken a step or two to us here and there, but nothing quite yet. I’m bracing myself for when she does start to walk, what an adventure that will be!

Elle LOVES to talk. Whenever she sees a dog, book, bird, or ball, she’ll get really excited and say “A-DA! A-DA! A-DA!” and lunges out of your arms. All day long she goes around saying “mamamamama” and when she really wants something its “Maaaaaa Maaaaaaa Maaaaaa!” She loves to read and will sit still for awhile as long as you’re reading one of her favorite books. (And if there’s a dog in the book, she’ll read for even longer!)

Her newest party trick: waking up 5-7 times in the night (ahhh!) She’s half asleep but WILL. NOT settle down until she can nurse. It’s….lovely ;) She eats really well during the day. She loves avocados, watermelon, bananas, yogurt, applesauce, cheese sticks, graham crackers, cheerios, toast, spaghetti, rice, beans, ok, she pretty much likes whatever we feed her! Especially ice cream. (Runs in the family, both sides!)  She has officially given up the pacifier on her own. She hasn’t taken one in weeks! (Guess we don’t have to worry about weaning her later! Wahoo!) Oh, and still no teeth. ;)

Have I mentioned she loves to climb? Stairs, bookshelves, boxes, chairs, you name it, she’ll try to climb on it! A curious little one, that’s for sure! We love our smiling, giggly, adventurous baby. Happy 10 months Elles!

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