he & i blog

this girl.
she’s sweet and spunky and already sassy. yes, sassy. at 8.5 months!
her little personality continues to emerge every day.
she’s curious, happy, determined, fearless, and adorable.
she’s makes my heart melt and gives me a run for my money all at the same time!

mommy blogutah blogger   

as of late, feeding her has become, well, eventful.
or should i say, letting her feed herself. we are no longer allowed to touch her food.
she has to feed herself or she won’t eat at all.
she’s determined, i tell ya.
also, she refuses to sit.
the highchair, the stroller, we fight the same battle everyday.
and yes, she can wrangle herself out of the straps, no problem.
then she looks at me and grins.
oh, ellie! ;)

(p.s. mom, does that first black and white photo totally look like erin to you?!)

he & i blog

she’s got a curious mind and a need for adventure.
i love to watch her discover something new, i can see the wheels in her head turning.
she sticks out her tongue when she is concentrating (like her aunt gracie when she was little!)
and can book it across the room or the yard when she’s sees something interesting.
she’s fast. she’s wild.
she’s a mover.

mommy blogger he and i blog 

sounds intrigue her.
anytime we hear a siren or a phone goes off, she has to figure out where it’s coming from before she can relax again.
she loves music.
especially the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song and the yellow ribbon song
we sing them daily.
when she’s tired she’ll hold onto her ear (like uncle zac!)
then she’ll grab my hands and walk herself to her bed
and tug at my shirt for milk.
when she wants a back rub, she’ll lay down on her tummy in front of me.


she goes head first down the stairs, and off the couch
and off her bed, and off…basically anything.
sometimes she’ll cry a little,
most of the time it doesn’t phase her.
she hates getting dressed
and throws the biggest tantrum you’ve ever seen when we change her diaper.
she’s happiest with a graham cracker, shoes, or wipes in hand.
she’s my wild thing,
my sunshine,
and my little girl with a lot of personality!