While my family was visiting, we took Ellie to the zoooooooo! Sadly B and my father had to work, hence their presence lacking in all of these photos. We may have found ourselves a little lost (thanks to my dead phone and no sense of direction ;), but we eventually made it there! Ellie loved all the animals swimming in the water. Ok, ok, maybe she just loved the water. She’s my little water baby, that’s for sure! The polar bear swam right by us, I about jumped out of my skin and Ellie just kept banging on the window. ;) The tiger was amusing and slightly freaky, he was not a happy camper that day! Boy, did he ever want to jump out of his enclosure! After we drove back, Erin made us draw our favorite zoo animal. Pretty sure my outline of a elephant is still sitting at Grandma’s (animals are not my forte! Erin’s drawing was pro! I wish I had a photo of it:) It was a perfect little outing :)

IMG_9566 IMG_9604 IMG_9611 IMG_9573  IMG_9621 IMG_9622 IMG_9593IMG_9624 IMG_9626  IMG_9668IMG_9651IMG_9632   IMG_9671 IMG_9576 IMG_9578  IMG_9673

Also, just a little shoutout to one of my favorite Etsy shops, Stylish Stitchings. I love bows (it’s a good thing I had a girl!) and Chelsea makes the cutest ones. She is offering a coupon code for her darling bows over here. Check it out! Have a happy day! ;)