We are down in sunny St. George this weekend! (And Ellie and I still get to stay and play, yippee!) My little (big) brother Spencer had his mission farewell talk this weekend (more on that soon!), so we came down to see him for a few days before he leaves for 2 years to serve the Lord. We are just so proud of him! We’ve been going to the temple, taking lots of walks, eating treats galore, and soaking up this family time!


Every time we are in St. George, I make my little sister Erin dress me. She has a roomful of clothes galore! (Half of which she has thrifted and sewn. Talented, I tell ya!) She’s quick to tell me when I look like a grandma or a frumpy mom ;) It’s a good thing I have her around as my personal stylist!


My favorite accessory as of late has been this sweet locket, from Very Jane. It has an “E” engraved on it for my sweet Ellie. I wear it all the time, and it’s Ellie’s new favorite toy. Keeps her entertained during church!;) Plus it matches just about everything I have and spruces up my everyday “mom-uniform!”   Very Jane specializes in bringing you boutique deals for up to 75% off! (And if you know me, I’m always up for a good deal! ) My favorites rights now: these adorable polka dotted jeans, this colorful fabric banner, and this bubble necklace. Pretty sure I need all of them.;) Be sure to check them out, they have so many awesome deals daily!

Happy Monday friends!!

P.S. Stunning Baby giveaway winner announced here!