We have some exciting things (!!!) happening around here lately! Lots of adventure in store! We were taking care of some of the details on Monday and decided to enjoy the afternoon as a family up in Salt Lake.

he&i - salt lake trip_0003he&i - salt lake trip_0001

Brian was in heaven surrounded by all things electronic. Ellie just wanted to push the buttons like she does on mommy’s computer ;)

he&i - salt lake trip_0002

Somehow this little orange dollar store fish ended up with us in the car. Ellie toted it around like it was her most prized possession. Pretty sure it was in every picture we took, she would not let go!

he&i - salt lake trip_0008he&i - salt lake trip_0009he&i - salt lake trip_0029

We decided to take a quick walk around temple square. It is GORGEOUS this time of year. We even saw our sweet wedding photographer, Jalene, there!

he&i - salt lake trip_0012he&i - salt lake trip_0017he&i - salt lake trip_0014he&i - salt lake trip_0019he&i - salt lake trip_0023

Again, that silly orange fish ;)

he&i - salt lake trip_0024he&i - salt lake trip_0027he&i - salt lake trip_0015

We celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Ellie had her first taste of lemon….and LOVED it. She went to town on that thing. We were cracking up!

he&i - salt lake trip_0030he&i - salt lake trip_0032he&i - salt lake trip_0034he&i - salt lake trip_0035he&i - salt lake trip_0004he&i - salt lake trip_0039

It was the perfect family outing!

(And how cute is that bike and sign?! Loved it!)