baths in the kitchen sink have been popular these days // ellie and I got locked out of the house last week for four hours. we walked quite a few miles, hit up target, the hardware and thrift store, and the library. it was quite the adventure!


with all this gorgeous weather, we’ve been grilling a lot lately. scratch that, brian has been grilling a lot ;) I just enjoy his hard work.


I finally took E in for her 6 month appointment, a month late. She’s weighing 15 pounds, only in the 25 percentile for weight. What a little peanut! She’s 50th percentile for heighth and a whopping 94th percentile for head circumference. She’s going to be a smart little lady! ;) // I’ve been adding some more pops of color to our home. I love spring!


I don’t want to admit how much time I spend at Target. It’s a curse that it’s so close! But I did pick up these darling pants and dollar sand buckets for our beach trip this summer! // Ellie woke up last night at 3, wide awake! After crawling over daddy for forty five minutes (while patting and grabbing his face) I finally took her out to the living room. She crawled and played until she wore herself out, at 6 o’clock this morning! And yes, we slept on the living room floor. What a night!


Happy Weekend!! :)