The day Spenc left for the MTC came so fast! We woke up bright and early to drive from St. George to Provo.


Ellie was enthralled by Spencer’s silly faces he was making. She wouldn’t take her hand off his arm. So sweet!!


We stopped by Grandma Call’s house to pick her up for lunch.


We ate endless soup and salad at Olive Garden for lunch. I’m pretty sure none of us ate as much as we usually do, nerves I guess ;) There were lots of other missionary families that had the same idea as well!

IMG_9369 IMG_9377_1IMG_9375

Then we headed to the Provo Temple to say a few goodbyes and take some photos. Ellie had fallen asleep during the quick drive from lunch to the temple, so Spenc got to cuddle with her one last time.

IMG_9371 IMG_9328 IMG_9352 IMG_9365IMG_9374  IMG_9434_1  IMG_9388IMG_9397 IMG_9402 

We managed to shove ten people in my parent’s car to drop Elder Call off at the MTC. We got a few look as we all piled out ;)

IMG_9378   IMG_9490

After one last hug each, Spenc waved goodbye! Love this missionary! You can stay up to date on all his adventures and emails over at his mission blog! :)