Everything I ever needed to know I learned from my mother. Really, it’s true. I ask for her advice frequently.  Everyday before five o’clock, you can find my name on her caller id multiple times. She taught me the most important lessons in life, and so in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, here are just a few:

The first lesson my mother taught me was to be kind.  “Kill them with kindness” she always said, and then sometimes at the end she would add  “Even when you want to kill them.” Having five rambunctious children, six if you count my dad, she probably at one time or another (or multiple times a day) wanted to kill us. Especially that one time when she stepped out of the room for a moment and we (cough cough Spencer) started a food fight with our corn at the dinner table. ;) Or when we covered ourselves head to toe in mud and played Indians, even after she specifically told us (mm hmm Erin) not to. Pretty sure we were all wearing white shirts too. ;) Or when Dad ripped his shirt climbing a tree at the park so we told her that he actually fell out of the tree and broke his arm. We had her going for a good twenty minutes or so, enough that she made my dad get in the car so she could take him to the hospital. Ha! She was a prime example of killing us with kindness, instead of killing us.

The second thing she taught us was to never give up. I clearly remember that one Friday night she made us homemade pizza and the crust burned to a crisp on her new pizza pan. Oh she was not happy. We tried to tell her that it wasn’t that bad, and we would pick off the olives, but she dumped it in the sink and swore never to make pizza again. Ever, ever, ever! (Pretty sure Brian can attest that I’ve done the same thing when I’ve burnt dinner) I am happy to report that she didn’t give up the pizza making, although it took a few years and a new pan to convince her!

The third lesson she taught us kiddos was to enjoy life. Whether it was chalking the neighbor’s driveway at midnight in black hoodies and slippers, making videos while we lip synced to Aladdin songs, or doing yoga in the car during road trips, we always could count on our mom to provide us with loads of fun and entertainment.

We sure are lucky to have this sweet mom of mine. Happy Mother’s Day weekend mama! We love you!


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