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quilt made by the talented Chloe :)

1: Brian and I finished our taxes (and it wasn’t even the 14th!) We celebrated with a bowl of the most delicious (and addicting) popcorn ever. Recipe coming soon.

2: Ellie slept the entire night in her crib. Did you hear me, the entire night! And she went to bed at 8 o’clock. For a girl that likes to stay up late, this is big. Oh, so big! I think it calls for a cake, party, you name it! ;)

3: Speaking of sleeping, I have a husband that sleepwalks and a daughter that sleep crawls. I live with a bunch of crazies!!

4: Two more weeks until I am finished with the semester. I almost made it, and it hasn’t been half bad either! Wahoo!

5: My little brother leaves on his mission in just over a month. I was watching the segments on the MTC during General Conference and goodness gracias, they got me again! Cue the waterworks! Man, I’m going to miss him! :)

6: Every time I turn around, Ellie is in a new location. Behind the couches, in the other room, going for the bathroom, it’s crazy! Still technically not crawling, but she has her little scoot, inchworm, slide thing down! And, she’s been practicing her downward dog, pretty sure she’s 100 times better at yoga that I ever will be!

7: I used a lot of exclamation marks in the post and I’m too lazy to edit any of them out! ;)