This week. What a crazy week.

Between a baby with another upset tummy, tragedies in Boston and Texas, family trials and struggles, and finals on top of all of that, I’m exhausted.

So exhausted, that for dinner tonight we had popcorn, almonds, and pretzels. sprinkled with chocolate chips.

No joke. (And it was delicious :)

he and i blog 2

on a side note, brian is in the kitchen right now making us some real food. bless him!


This week, I struggled with being positive. I struggled with being upbeat. (And obviously I struggled with making dinner ;) It seemed like everyday, we were hit with a dose of bad news (or another dose of puke!) I was getting discouraged. I’m usually a pretty positive person but this week knocked me down good!

It would have been easy for me to sit in the corner and cry, to give up on homework, to get down on myself. It would have been easy to stay discouraged and miserable. Oh, so easy! (And so tempting!)

he and i blog

yes, that’s puke dripping off my arm ;)


Instead, I turned to the Lord. Prayer and chocolate work wonders! My mom was good to remind me this week that the Lord has compassion on us, he understands what it's like to feel discouraged, beaten, and down. And he is there to help us! To uplift us, to lighten our load, and to cheer us! He gives us the hope and the strength to continue, if we turn to Him. Oh how comforting that is!

So despite all our trials, struggles, and the evils in the world, the good will always outweigh the bad. Plus, it never hurts to have some chocolate on hand (or send your husband to the store for some ;) There is power in prayer, as my grandma beautifully stated. Always. :)