{a few free-lensing photos}

Time is such a funny concept. When you need it to hurry up, it takes it’s own sweet time. And just when you wish it would slow down, time seems to speed up. This sweet stage Ellie is in seems to be flying by way too fast. Oh how I desperately wish I could just push pause for one minute during her big belly laughs, or when she makes her silly faces. I’m trying to engrain in my memory all the little details: the way she concentrates so hard when playing with the grass, grabbing her pacifier and trying to get it into mommy or daddy’s mouth, the way she speed scoots across the room whenever I take out my makeup basket, the scrunched up face and fake cough, the way her eyes light up and eyebrows raise whenever she sees something new, or how she pats everything, your face, the tile, the couch, just to feel the texture.

I am so smitten with this little lady of mine and I’m so blessed to be her mother.