Whew! It’s been a long week!

Little Ellie has been sick with some nasty bug. Oh it’s been sad. My wild little girl just wants to sit still and cuddle (which she hasn’t done since she was 2 months old! Oh I love it when she cuddles!) The house is scary looking (and so am I!) Poor Brian been in charge of dinner and basically all household chores this week, he is superman!! I’ll spare you the photo I made Brian take of Ellie and I after she puked up her sweet potatoes. Thank goodness for stain remover ;) Poor girl is only happy in her mama’s arms or in the stroller. We’ve been doing a lot of cuddling and since the weather has been nice, we’ve also been taking a lot of walks. The neighborhood is popping with color! Here’s just a few of the photos we’ve taken on our many walks, gosh I love spring!

If you need us, just look for the lady pushing a stroller in her pajamas, that’s probably us ;)

color walk_1