We had a fabulous Easter weekend and it was SUNNY! And WARM! Oh it was fabulous. Saturday we were barely home (errands after errands, photo shoots, school, visiting friends, it was nuts!), so it was nice to have a calm peaceful Sunday. The messages at church were so uplifting. So happy for this holiday to celebrate the life and resurrection of our Savior!
Poor Ellie fell victim to her parents laziness and didn’t get an Easter basket of goodies. I know, she’s so deprived. ;) (She got her revenge by not taking any good naps!) Good thing she was more than content with an empty plastic egg and got spoiled with a package from Grandma and Grandpa Zurcher. Brian got a bag of Cadbury eggs that I made him buy for himself (and then I proceeded to eat half the bag.) Maybe I’ll pick up some half price baskets today and we’ll get more festive next year. Maybe. :)
Travis and Jess came for dinner, although they weren’t documented. Oops! Brian cooked up some ribs (these Zurcher brothers love their meat!) and we downed all the caramel carrot cupcakes (recipe coming soon!).
Love celebrating holidays with this little family of mine! HAPPY MONDAY!