I didn’t realize it was the 20th until I got my mama’s email late Saturday night. How did this last month go by so fast!? At seven months, our little E is on the move! The other day she decided to prove that she really does know how to crawl, and showed off for a few minutes until returning to her scoot. She is a fast little scooter! She switches from crawling to sitting and back with ease now. We were skyping with Brian’s parents last week and they asked if she was pulling herself up on the furniture yet. We told them no. Apparently Ellie overheard the conversation because the next day, she was pulling herself up on the couch, the fridge, the mirror, everywhere! She finally found the two little steps in our house, and if I hadn’t been right next to her holding her, she would have toppled down them. That girl is fearless! Guess it’s time to get a baby gate! Her favorite song is still the Wheels on the Bus. We sing it multiple times a day and at bedtime. I’ve gotten really creative with the verses (did you know dinosaurs and hippies ride the bus now? :) Ellie loves to chat, she talks and growls all day long! She pats everything (your face, the floor, the couch) and is OBSESSED with shoes and hats (as you can see from the video below!) Love this little peanut!