Eating healthy wasn’t as absolutely insanely disgusting and awful as I thought it would be. Oh, don’t get me wrong, some days I really struggled (hence the bag of chocolate chips I stored on the top shelf of our cupboards for “those days”). Before we really started focusing on eating healthy, we frequently had wheat tortillas, bread, and pasta in our house, so that wasn’t a huge change. I also set little goals for myself, so each time I hit a goal I got to eat an extra treat. Gosh, I enjoyed those treats!

healthy eating 5

The biggest thing I learned was portion control. Before we would have a HUGE bowl of ice cream for dessert, almost every night. Even while doing Insanity, we had some ice cream on the weekends, but in a much, MUCH smaller portion. Look at the difference!

I mentioned in the last post that we had five small meals a day (sometimes six if we had a little dessert at night). Below I listed a few of our meal ideas that we frequently ate. Honestly, I’ll probably keep eating the same stuff now that we are done, but with a little bit extra at some meals (like a buttery breadstick on the side of pasta! mmm!)

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Breakfast Ideas

Fruit & Yogurt
1 cup yogurt
1 cup fruit
1/2 cup whole grain cereal or granola

Eggs & Fruit
1 hard boiled egg or 3 hard boiled egg whites
1/2 cup fruit
1 slice wheat toast with peanut butter

Breakfast Burrito
1 egg or 3 egg whites
1 whole grain tortilla
part-skim mozzarella cheese sprinkled
Sliced tomato
1/2 cup fruit on the side

1 cup whole grain cereal
2/3 cup milk (we use 1%)
1/2 banana

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Lunch + Dinner Ideas:

Turkey BLT
1 slice bread
Turkey deli meat
1 slice turkey bacon
Small banana or apple on the side

Chicken Ranch Wrap
Whole wheat tortilla
Grilled chicken (3 oz)
Tomato + other veggies
1 Tbsp ranch

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Half PB&J Sandwich
1/2 banana

Whole Wheat Pizza
Whole wheat pizza dough (we cook our pizza in a 9x9 pan and each have two decent sized slices!)
Sauce (we use either homemade tomato or alfredo sauce, or a little bit of bbq sauce for bbq pizza!)
Part Skim Mozzarella

Chicken Alfredo
Whole wheat pasta
Guiltless Alfredo Sauce from Our Best Bites
Sautéed veggies

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Extra treats and snacks:

Handful of Almonds
Cut up veggies or fruit
Air popped popcorn with a little bit of salt
Pudding  + fruit parfaits (the Insanity meal plan recommends sugar free pudding)

Fruit Smoothie
1/2 cup frozen peaches
1/2 banana
1/2 light vanilla or fruit flavored yogurt
couple ice cubes