Watching the Food Network is a terrible thing. Terrible, I tell you!

Especially the baking shows. Awful.


It makes me want to bake awfully delicious, ooey-gooey sugary things.

So when Ellie’s half birthday came around I knew it was the perfect excuse to bake a cake!

Well, half a cake.

A lopsided one at that.

Although the lopsided-ness wasn’t on purpose.

Anyway, I whipped up one delicious incredibly amazing homemade cake from a box.

(I did make some homemade frosting however. Those judges on cupcake wars would’ve been proud.)

And I put my ziplock bags to use and whipped up a few numbers to go on top.

Yes, ziplock bags. No fancy-smancy decorating stuff around here. (One day, one day)

Twenty minutes after I took a few photos, the cake broke in half. Both ways.

It was devoured by morning.

Yes, we eat cake for breakfast around here.


Happy half birthday Elles!

Thanks for giving us a great excuse to celebrate.

And make cake.

Sorry you didn’t get any.

Hope that graham cracker was just as good. ;)