Sometimes I talk to Ellie like she’s five instead of five months. “If you’re going to stay up late with mom and dad, you have to be quiet” or  “We can’t go to the park until you take a nap.” She usually gives me this smirk, as if she’s saying “Ha, say whatever you want mom, we both know who’s in charge here.” Dang it, she already figured that one out ;) For my sake, this week she did take good naps, so one GORGEOUS afternoon we spent a good hour and a half at the park! (Which then wore her out for another good nap) Daddy even joined us after work! Ellie loved swinging but may have enjoyed watching all the kids play even more. She’s a people watcher, just like her parents. I even remembered her sunhat this time, since after being outside last time, her cheeks turned a little rosy (which sent me into panic and “I’m-a-terrible-mother-for letting-her-cheeks-get-slightly-pink” mode:). Spring, I hope you’re here to stay!