Sometimes, Elles and I get a little cooped up in the house during the day. Now that it’s getting warmer it’s not as bad, but last week we were ready to get out! So we starting scheming and planned a family outing to the pool! Of course we chose the absolute coldest day of the week to go (it snowed all day!) Thank goodness for indoor pools! Ellie was a little hesitant being in the pool at first, but quickly warmed up. She splashed, kicked her legs, and met a few little friends. Daddy got really protective of his little girl every time the big kids would run by splashing (so cute!) We totally looked like first time parents as we toted my camera and the underwater camera around, taking photos of Ellie’s every move. ;) Before we left, Ellie took her first dunk, thanks to her mother’s help. She didn’t even cry, just looked a little surprised! We have a little fish on our hands. Hurry summer, hurry! We’re ready to swim again!