super awesome day

1: Wake up with a smile on your face. It’s the start of a brand new day. Smile! Grin! Say Cheese!

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2: Eat good food. Mom feeds me plenty of milk (mmm!) and this week we’re working on sweet potatoes. I also really love these little crackers and they’re sure fun to clean up!

lifestyle bloghow to have a good day

3: Go on an adventure. Today I ventured into a new land called the kitchen! The tile was a little cold on my hands and feet, but there were so many new things to explore!

IMG_7484how to have a good day

4: Set a goal! Did mom tell you? I’ve been practicing scooting! I can semi-crawl, but I really like to do the army crawl or the face plant, that’s my specialty. Playing with my bright orange ball is my favorite, but it always rolls away from me! Every day I practice my scooting to try to get that silly ball. I am always so happy when I get it!

how to have a good dayhow to have a good day

5: Make a mess. Daddy left out the baby proofing gear and boy oh boy, it was sure fun to play with!

how to have a good day

6: Read! Mommy and I love to read books, and this baby proofing guide was a pretty good read too, for the first few minutes. Then I got bored and chewed on it instead.

how to have a good dayhow to have a good day

7: Get plenty of rest. Sometimes I get really worn out (you would be too if you were scooting all day!) so taking a few naps is really nice. Mom thinks so too. ;)

how to have a good dayalexa zurcher