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eating solids and loving vegetables / after a lot of practice, can now get up on all fours / inch-worms across the room / has perfected the fake cry / loves to sleep in / very ticklish / favorite song: the wheels on the bus / giggles and giggles all day long / loves the johnny jump / always has one hand around your neck when you hold her / sitting up completely on her own! / loves to be outside, take walks in the stroller, play in the grass, and swing / cries when brought back inside / hair is finally starting to grow more (and is coming in super light!) / loves to grab at food! / loves to grab at anything, especially when we eat out. the sugar packets were a big hit! / follows dad around as soon as he comes home / eyes are ever changing, some days they’re blue, hazel, brown, we have no idea! / loves to play peek-a-boo / messy, messy eater / favorite spot is in the middle of our bed, all snuggled up with mom and dad /

happy 1/2 birthday elles! we sure do love you!