I’ve been seeing far too many adorable sweatshirts on pinterest lately. Unfortunately my bank account won’t allow me to purchase every one of them, so while we were in St. George this weekend my sister Erin taught us how to make our own graphic print sweatshirts. They’re super easy (and oh so cheap!)


Supplies needed:

-Sweatshirt or tee (we got ours for $2 each from a thrift store)

-Fabric Paint (I don’t remember the brand but it’s from Michaels)

-Foam Brush

-Freezer Paper

-Exacto Knife


diy 1diy 9

First, draw out your design on freezer paper. You can use a stencil, print out, or you can just free hand it like we did.

diy 3

Two, cut out your design with an exacto knife. This will be your stencil. Remember to keep the little pieces for inside your letters, you’ll need those!

diy 7

Three, iron the freezer paper to your sweatshirt. (It will come right off after you’re done, no worries!) Don’t forget to iron on the little inside pieces of your letters.

diy 4

Four, DAB paint onto your stencil. You may need a few coats.

diy 5

*After the paint is dry, you can peel off your stencil. To keep the paint from getting crunchy, iron over the dry paint before you’re done.

diy 6


diy 8

Erin made a cute “hello” sweatshirt.

diy 11diy 12

Paris and Zac both made cute t-shirts.

diy 10

and Scarlett made a “I’m happy” sweatshirt.

See, easy peasy! Be sure to check out my sista’s blog, she’s full of fun craft ideas!

*If you peel off your stencil carefully, you can use it again. Just wipe off the paint from the first one and iron on again.