…I had to document with how mom let this house go to shambles. Sheesh mom! As you can see the dishes piled up in the sink for three days:

photo (10)

…she forgot how to shower (P.U. MOM!) and the whole back room turned into craft central (with thread and fabric strewn all over the floor) At least she let me watch Baby Einstein's while she sewed.

photo (5)photo (6)

..I had my very first babysitters, thanks Halie and Allyson! Mom didn’t even cry when she left for school (we all thought she would).


…I was rewarded with a new toy and some chocolate. Yes, I stuck my hand in my mom’s chocolate fro-yo and got myself a nice lick. It was delicious. She freaked out a little then started laughing. Mom’s are so silly.

photo (4)photo (3)

…oh and I caught up on blog reading. I was really behind.

photo (9)

Mom finally cleaned up the place and showered (thank goodness!) a few hours before Daddy got home – procrastination at it’s finest! I finally got to snuggle with my daddy and slobber all over him. We sure are glad when Daddy comes home! (Although, next time dad, please bring some of that Florida sunshine home with you. Muchas gracias.)