Little Elle turned four months on Sunday. Sometimes I feel like we should throw a party every month for her (really just as an excuse to eat some cake and buy balloons)! This little one continues to wrap us around her little finger!

At four months, Ellie:

-loves, loves, loves music. I am in primary now, and every Sunday during singing time, she hums/sings/baby talks right along with us. When daddy plays his guitar, she is enthralled. And these songs calm her down instantly put her to sleep at night.

-loves to stand, all the time. She enjoys the sitting up thing, but would much rather be standing. We’re currently on the hunt for an exersaucer, because man, my arms get sore from holding her up!

-drools. like. crazy.

-rolls onto her tummy and onto her back and loves to scoot across the floor. She is always scooting off her little play mat and all over the living room.

-starting to grab at everything. She loves to take sips of our water as she holds our cup, chew on the remote if we are holding it, and loves pulling mommy’s hair!

-wears size two diapers and is just barely transitioning to 3-6 month clothing.

-has a little personality starting to emerge. If she isn’t happy, boy oh boy, she’ll let us know (with loud screams!) She loves to babble at everyone, although sometimes she gets really shy, and smiles then covers her face with her hands. Most of the time, she’s pretty sweet. :)