My baby is now three months and I can hardly believe it! (I say that every month, I know) Little E is growing up far too fast! She is now 11 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. She is always smiling and giggling,and boy it melts my heart!

She got a little play mat as an early Christmas present and loves it. She is starting to grab her little toys and always has her hands in her mouth. Tummy time now lasts longer than .3 seconds and she doesn’t scream nearly as much! She has started rolling over and it surprises her every single time. Her eyes get super huge and she just looks at me like “Whoooooa, what the heck just happened, Mom?”

She drools everywhere, all the time. I have to change her outfit at least once a day because it’s soaked in drool! She’s also a total mama’s girl. I’m soaking it up while I can since one day Dad is going to be way more cool than me.

I recently got a breast pump to start pumping here and there and she absolutely hates the bottle. She’s going to have to get used to it since I’m going back to school a few nights a week next semester. Good luck with that one B! We still have her sleeping in our room, and she probably will be for awhile longer. I don’t even want to think about putting her in her room yet, it’s just too far away! (Hence, I haven’t purchased a real crib yet. I just like having her close!)

Ellie is a ham for the camera, every time I pull it out, she looks directly at me and smiles. She’s well trained. ;) We sure do love this little munchkin of ours.