I wish time would just slow down.

My baby girl is two months old today!

She is the happiest little baby I ever did see. Mornings are my favorite, she’s wide awake, smiling and cooing. She’s also started fake coughing when she’s smiling at us. It’s hilarious.

She still loves her baths. Every night we give her a bath and it really calms her down and gets her ready for bed. She kicks her legs like crazy in the tub.

Little miss is quite the sleeper! Last night she slept from 9pm to 7am (then went back to sleep till nine)! Hooray for a good night of sleep! Usually she’ll sleep for seven or eight hours, wake up once to eat, then go back to bed. I’m hoping this sleeping pattern lasts!

E loves to be outside. Whenever the weather is decent, we will try to get outside for a walk or two. She is usually wide awake in her stroller, soaking up the sunshine!

She has started to get a little double chin and some rolls on her legs. I could kiss her chubby cheeks and little feet all day long (and I do)! We sure love our little Ellie bug!