Due to the weather getting chilly and the fact that it takes at least triple the time to leave the house with a newborn, E and I spend most of our days at home. We try to get out everyday for a little bit (check the mail, go for a walk, a Target run, etc), but for the most part we snuggle up inside. Ellie has been more awake every day and gosh I love those big beautiful eyes. (Still can’t tell what color they’ll be, some days they’ll look blue and other days they look brown.) While she naps I try to get a little bit done around the house, but really, when it comes to choosing between housework and holding a sleeping baby, the sleeping baby always wins. And while she sleeps, sometimes I sleep too, or we catch up on our favorite blogs. We’d love to stop by yours, leave us your blog address! And happy happy weekend to you! We’re leaving the cold weather and taking E on her first trip. Wish us luck!